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Natural Stone Sealer

Warranted for 25 years against "ALL" staining.

  • Protects your investment.
  • Commercial and Residential use.
  • Keeps the stains out.
  • Makes the surface easy to clean.
  • Keeps that surface looking new.
  • Much lower cost than the yearly-plus reapply process.
  • Our sealer can penetrate previous sealers used.
  • One time sealer lasting 25 years.
  • Transferable warranty.

Red wine spill on unsealed versus sealed granite

After soaking, the wine didn't stain the sealed granite

Want to protect your investment?Get a quote to seal your natural stone countertops!

Unsealed countertops have a "High Risk" of permanent stain damage and may need to be replaced.

East Coast Granite of Winston-Salem's sealer can be applied to granite countertops, marble countertops, and all types of natural stone. Counter tops, vanities, outdoor kitchens, bar tops, tabletops, islands, and more. We are the only company that provides this service in the Carolinas, and all technicians are certified applicators.

East Coast Granite of Winston-Salem's penetrating sealer actually penetrates the surface and makes it impervious to stains. It does not wear off, and does not wear out. The main difference between a penetrating sealer and a non-penetrating sealer is huge. Non-penetrating sealer's need to be reapplied frequently, leaving your countertop vulnerable to stain damage.

This high tech specialty sealer is warranted for 25 years against "ALL" staining, and is transferable. Competitors sealer must be reapplied frequently, (Every 6 months to yearly) and will cost you way more over time than our one time 25 year application.

Stain removal services are available. Discounts on stain removal with purchase of our sealer application.

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