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Quartz Countertops in Winston-Salem, NC

Premium Quartz Countertops

Those homeowners searching for a distinctive but relatively affordable countertop product for their kitchen or bathroom should look no further than ones made from quartz. These countertops are quite beautiful with the look and feel of stone, are extremely durable and make for more modestly priced alternative to natural stone products. Here are a few more facts you should also know:

Quartz Slab Colors

Our twenty locations at East Coast Granite of Winston-Salem have dozens of quartz slabs available to choose from. You don't have visit every location, however, as we have samples of every type of quartz at every store. Here are a few other things to know about quartz colors:

Hues – Since the slabs are actually manufactured to specific tolerances in terms of color, they are far more consistent in terms of color than are natural stones. In addition, some quite bright – dazzling! - colors can be produced from a pale Columbia blue to a deep Burgundy red.

Finishes - You won't find natural looking veins and streaks in a quarts countertop. Instead, you will find all sorts of crafted patterns such as alligator skin and wood grains. Each can be finished to a fine glossy look or left grainy and somewhat dulled. The choices are all yours. It is truly amazing to see some of the results.

Matching – No problem at all in this department. Much care must be taken by manufacturers and vendors to maintain the integrity of their marble and granite slabs so that matching can occur. If we run out of particular quartz color, we simply have to order more from the manufacturer. Nothing could be easier.

Why Are Quartz Countertops So Popular?

Aesthetics – As an engineered product, quartz can be molded into almost any shape and colored in any desired hue. It is supremely versatile in these two regards versus both marble and granite. In addition, it is fairly easy to “work” so installation is quick and easy and any unforeseen problems can be readily resolved.

Functionality – Quartz countertops are extremely hard and scratch resistant. They are completely prefabricated at the factory and thus need no secondary work, such as sealing after installation, is required. In addition, no household substance can stain it and germs simply cannot infiltrate its surface.

As an engineered product, quartz countertops have been specifically designed and manufactured to provide maximum utility in the home. Quartz slabs are more pliable than their natural stone cousins and therefore less likely to chip. In addition, the seams between adjoining slabs are extremely thin and provide an almost seamless look to the countertop. Finally, quartz countertops are extremely durable and will last for decades with only a modicum of regular cleaning and maintenance.

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Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Beautiful and versatile, quartz kitchen countertops make an excellent addition to a kitchen remodeling project. They also offer a few more practical benefits. Here is a quick rundown on them:

Long-Lived Durability – It took some time and experimentation, but the chemists who developed engineered quartz have developed a truly long lasting product that will not fade or discolor with age.

Ease Of Maintenance - Cleaning is as simple as it gets, just wipe down the counter with a damp cloth or sponge plus a little soap and water.

Superior Protection From Bacteria – Quartz almost completely eliminates the infiltration of bacteria and germs as there are no grout lines in its installation. No other maintenance is required as the countertop is hermetically sealed at the factory. Unlike natural stone, no resealing is ever necessary.

Great Flexibility – The resin used in quartz countertops is a remarkable product. It not only creates an incredibly hard surface that resists chipping, but also allows for more flexibility in the quartz slab. The result is larger finished slabs that require fewer installation seams.We recommend using our kitchen visualizer to help with you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Quartz Bathroom Vanities

Quartz countertops are also suited for use in the bathroom. Their impermeability to germs and bacteria make them ideal for use in children's bathrooms where water, dirt and grime are likely to accumulate. In fact, no matter how long a quartz countertop is exposed to harmful bacteria, the creatures can never gain a foothold. Good to know for you and for your children's sake.

What Exactly Is Quartz?

Unlike marble and granite, most quartz is no longer mined in a quarry but is instead engineered and manufactured in a factory. The process begins with raw quartz being crushed. Synthetic binding resins are them added to the crushed quartz along with colorants. Molds are then used to press the quartz into countertop shapes with an ultimate composition of over 90% stone.

Quartz enjoys some advantages over natural stone – in particular, it can be produced in almost any color and it is non-porous. This last fact means that is almost impossible to stain and is impermeable to bacteria and germs making a product that stays hygienic with relative ease.

It is a simple matter of cleaning up spills in a timely manner and wiping down the counter every other day.

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