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Few materials demand your attention in the kitchen or bathroom more than granite countertops. They add a refined visual aesthetic as well as improved functionality. If you are considering them for your home, here is what you need to know.

Granite Countertops Colors

The showrooms at East Coast Granite of Winston-Salem have thousands of granite colors and patterns to select from. No two are alike and we encourage our clients to browse for as long as they like before making their final selection. Here is a little more info to get you started;

Hues – From bright white to deep black, granite countertops can provide a vivid backdrop for almost any kitchen from traditional to contemporary. Bathrooms will benefit from more neutral tones like pastel pink or blue. Use our kitchen visualizer and bathroom visualizer to help you select colors for your remodel.

Patterns - Similarly, the natural forces that act upon the differing rocks that comprise granite, form innumerable patterns – variously described as swirls, veins and flecks. It is truly amazing to see some of the results.

Matching – Since the variety of granite is so large, great care needs to be taken to keep slabs from the same block together. In fact, they are numbered as they are removed and then bundled together. Our design team will handle this matching process for you once you have chosen a color.

Why Are Granite Countertops So Popular?

Aesthetics – Granite is naturally pleasing to the eye and the myriad of patterns and colors means that no two granite countertops will ever be identical. In fact, granite countertops can complement any choice of kitchen cabinets and fit into any décor.

Functionality – The stone is very difficult to chip or scratch – it is harder than marble! In addition, it tolerates heat very well and with proper sealing, the stone will never discolor. Finally, the maintenance requirements for granite countertops is quite small compared to other stones. Just keep it clean and it will last, as promised, for decades.

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Your Dream Kitchen Starts Here

Our kitchen design specialists are here ready to help your dream space to come to life. Our staff is ready to help with suggestions to fit your motif and evnisioned design. They will assist you through the journey of selecting that perfect material.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

At the preliminary stage, most homeowners will consider a range of stone countertop options – usually quartz, marble and granite. Granite brings a striking beauty that cannot be replicated by marble or quartz. It is quite durable and highly heat-resistant. Properly sealed, it will last for decades.

Granite Bathroom Vanities

Granite Countertops are also suited for use in the bathroom. Their impermeability to germs and bacteria make them ideal for use in children's bathrooms where water, dirt and grime are likely to accumulate. In fact, no matter how long a quartz countertop is exposed to harmful bacteria, the creatures can never gain a foothold. Good to know for you and for your children's sake.

What Exactly Is Granite?

Granite is a natural stone formed when molten lava flows onto and into rocks of other types. The resulting amalgamation forms an igneous rock usually composed of feldspar, mica and compressed quartz and similar materials. As it slowly cools, various colors and patterns emerge depending on the exact composition of the substrate. The final product is a stone slightly harder than marble that is highly resistant to chips and scratches.

One small drawback is the highly porous nature of granite which makes it susceptible to staining.

Fortunately, granite countertops can be protected with sealers. Our experts at East Coast Granite of Winston-Salem highly recommend the application of a high-quality sealer. It is small price to pay to protect your investment. Our sealer comes with a 25-year warranty against staining so your granite countertops will stay looking as good as new for decades to come.

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