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Polished finishes on countertops have dominated design trends over the past decade. This is not difficult to believe considering a high gloss finish on stone countertops is such a timeless look. However, there are new countertop options that are trending — honed finish, leathered finish, rough finish, concrete finish, flamed finish, and volcano finish.

Countertop manufacturers such as MSI, Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cosmo have introduced new countertop options, and their popularity has taken off. They can take any kitchen design to the next level and distinguish your space from the rest.

The question is which one is right for you? Choosing the right finish for your space isn’t purely a cosmetic choice. It can change the appearance, care, and maintenance of the stone. To help you decide, here is a guide of the different types of finishes for your quartz or granite countertops.

Quartz Countertop Options

Quartz countertops have become increasingly popular due to their durability, uniform movement, and beauty. Since quartz is a manmade product created with resins and recycled materials, it is not only durable but customizable and sealed from any bacteria. This is a nice advantage over natural stone countertops that need to be sealed and have a more limited variety of finishes.

Polished Finish

The most well-known finish is polished or ‘high gloss’. All quartz manufacturers offer it, and it intensifies the color and clarity of quartz. They create its glossy, mirror-like sheen by using fine abrasive powders and diamond discs.

Featured: Calacatta Verona quartz countertop with a polished finish

Honed Finish

Honed is a soft, matte finish. It gives your surface a smooth, modern look without a glossy reflection. Manufacturers create this look by not buffing the quartz.

Featured: Piatto Black quartz with a honed finish

Suede Finish

One of the newer finishes that is trending is the suede or ‘leathered’ finish. It also features a soft, matte style but includes a more textured appearance than honed. The stone’s beautiful, dimpled texture is achieved when diamond-tipped brushes run over honed granite.

Featured: Stellar Negro quartz countertop with suede finish

Rough Finish

This rich, modern finish has a more tactile texture. Caesarstone’s rough finish has a more distinctive texture that is designed to mimic the coarseness of natural stone. This finish will reveal variations in appearance that are distinct to each quartz slab, mimicking the uniqueness of granite slabs.

Featured: Piatto Black quartz countertop with rough finish

Concrete Finish

Another new countertop option that is trending right now is concrete finish. It features a lightly textured stone that acts as a middle ground between the Honed and Rough finishes. MSI and Caesarstone offer this lightly reflective finish that is sure to deliver a timeless, industrial feeling to any space.

Featured: Babylon Gray quartz countertop with a concrete finish

Volcano Finish

Finally, this unique texture mimics the look of volcanic rocks. Silestone’s volcano finish features a rustic yet soft feel. It is a statement piece that will add a bold, contemporary look to your space.

Featured: Gris Expo quartz countertop with a volcano finish

Granite Countertop Options

Granite is a great choice for your kitchen countertops. Its strength, durability, and affordable price point are just some of the qualities that make it the perfect choice for many homeowners. While granite has fewer finish options and needs to be sealed, it more than makes up for it with its uniqueness and beauty.

Polished Finish

There are three finishes that are used on both granite and quartz and this is one of them. This glossy, reflective finish is a timeless style that gives granite a smooth feel and enhances its unique beauty. An advantage to this finish is that it not only seals the pores of the stone but repels water and moisture making it more stain-resistant.

Featured: Blue Bahia granite countertop with polished finish

Honed Finish

Another finish used on natural and engineered stone is honed finish. This matte finish is soft and velvety to the touch. It is perfect for darker colors where you can see the degree of honing whether it be diamond smooth, satin or velvet.

Featured: Salinas White granite countertops with honed finish

Leathered Finish

The last finish that is used on both granite and quartz is leathered finish. It provides a sophisticated look that has taken over recent design trends. Its soft, dimpled surface helps resist stains and hides watermarks.

Featured: Silver Waves granite countertop with leathered finish

Flamed Finish

The most unique new countertop option is the flamed finish. It can only be used on specific stones and features a rough, faded texture. MSI creates this finish with intense, controlled heat that bursts the grains of the stone giving it a more muted look.

Featured: Black Pearl granite countertop with flamed finish

Whichever countertop option you choose they are sure to add a gorgeous, chic look to your space. Contact us on our website or by phone at (864) 633-2366 to discuss finish options available for your new countertops.

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